Drinking a glass of carrot juice every morning can lead you towards a good health. It’s super simple to make and versatile.
This juice will help heal and rejuvenate your skin. Wounds might heal more quickly and the appearance of skin conditions like rashes might improve.
Highly nutritious, carrot juice improves eye health, boosts immunity, and it may improve blood sugar control.This is a delicious carrot juice with milk that is full of minerals and vitamins and it tastes Amazing

step 1

4 large carrots ( not peeled)
½ glass fresh milk
½tspn cinnamon powder
½ glass water
No sugar needed but if you want it sweeter, add it your taste.

step 2

Wash the carrots, roughly chop them up or grate with a piece of ginger ( ginger is optional)

step 3

Add the carrots and water (½glass) to your blender.  Blend until smooth

step 4

Give it a good sieve.

step 5

Bring the Sieved carrot juice back to the blender

step 6

Add the milk..
You can use condensed milk.

step 7

Add cinnamon powder…its for flavour and taking away that flat carrot smell.
You can as well use vanilla extract
Again blend for at least 2minutes,
If you want it more sweet, add sugar or honey.
I prefer mine without sugar

step 8

I love drinking Juices
This should be ready to be served. …but it is best served chilled.